daniella umbrella (bobbi_) wrote in danielaumbrella,
daniella umbrella

dream 13

we went to Scandinavia on a holyday. We were travelling trough the forests, kind of like a survival. Beautiful large, green forest. There's 5 of us. We make a camp for the night. There are 3 orphan gypsy children living nearby, we never see their faces.
The forest and everybody in it is very pieceful. Gyuri goes away to buy icecream. I panic. I don't want to lose him out of my sight. So I follow him and come to a community of people living in the sand. They are there and don't want to get out. They make holes through wich they crowl to get out.
We go back tot the forest. An owl comes and sits very close to us on a branch. He's silver with huge yellow eyes. He's looking straight at me. very seriously. He's looking after us I know.
In the morning, he looks at me, than rises and flies away. I say thank you at him. he turnes his head and smiles.
Back in the city, there is a fish struggling at a doorstep. I catch him and put him in a vase with water. He flouts. It squeeze the air out of him and he's happy swimming around.
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