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I have had dreams about tiny babies before, but well, today again.
I found a baby. I think it was a girl. She was very quiet and looked very wise. I brought her everywhere I went. She had conversations with all the stray animals she met on the street. She was calm and beautiful.
Always when I dream about children they are so intelligent and wise....
Anyway, we were at my grandmothers house, we came with a very old bicycle. Grandpa opened the gate(he's been dead for over 2 years). I wasn't surprised to see him. He was there if he was never gone. He helped grandma with the groceries. He never used to do that.
I went to school and I took the baby with me. It was a cooking school. And I was worrying that the baby would be bored and would disturb the class, but she listening and was really sweet.
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