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horrorat prada and loving the ex

I dreamed that I was in Spain (sunny and warm) and I visited an old friend. He was preparing an exhibition in a fashion warehouse. The luxurious rooms were filled with delicate materials in beautiful colors, and there were sofa's everywhere. I felt quite shabby and uneasy.
I was placed in a room with windows and doors with windows.
Suddenly it became dark and the windows and doors were opened. I knew I had to close them in time, because creatures came in my room. Angry and mean, not evil maybe but very mean, ghost-like creatures. I could close the doors in time, but they flw open continuously....It was very scary.
Then my ex boyfriend came, he was very cheerful and kind. He hugged me and I was so happy he was there to protect me. The creatures were gone. I fell in love with him all over again in my dream and I was very happy with him.
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