daniella umbrella (bobbi_) wrote in danielaumbrella,
daniella umbrella

this is a dream

I was caught by doing something illegal, but I was convinced of getting away with it.

First I was hiding in a box underground. friends lived there and they said it's the best hideout. It was small and dark and stinky.
Unfortunately one of the three of us who committed the crime (I believe we stole something)
betrayed us and gave our whearabouts to the police.
So We rad to the nearest subway-station and even cought the train, but this was full of policemen.
We were caught.
First we were questioned, but I didn't give in.
Later we were brought to Turkey with a plane. It had become a sort of 'idols' for suspects.
I was very full of confidence that they would never find out I was the delinquent.
So I went to buy a sandwich, and spoke through the interrogations of the others.
I was quite irritating actually.
I was already planning what to do then i would get home.
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