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march 29

I had a strange and powerful dream tonight.
My whole family lived together in a big mansion. So big that everybody still kept their privacy.
I was wondering down the hall when I saw my grandmother standing there with her arms wide open, ready to embrace me.
I ran up to her and did embrace her, but in the same time I felt something was wrong. I told her I knew this was just a vision of her and she wanted to tell me something. She said, yes indeed, I am not real and you must come and see me right now.
I hurried to her room and I found her laying in her bed. She looked peaceful and quite.
I was very sad and wanted to run out and call everybody, but I didn't want to leave her either. She said she would wait for me. So I told my mom, and went quickly back.
I sat next to her on her bed, her whole bed was light yellow, she breathed very difficultly, but she was calm and happy.
I told her to promise me she would stay in contact with me from the hereafter. Se said she would.
Softly and quietly she died. Before the others came.
I felt very torn apart, I knew it was ok, but I knew I would miss her terribly.
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